Stop Delegating Tasks and Start Training your Employees

  • Article By : Rostan Team
  • Jan 24, 2024
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What are the problems of Delegating tasks?

“The problem with delegation is that it sets your employees up for failure"

When you assign someone a task for the first time — with no prior training — simply because you are unavailable to do it, so their chances of succeeding are slim and it will also damage team morale. Employees might get the impression that they are not capable of doing complex work if they are too overwhelmed by the task.

What should a manager do?

“As a manager, your job is to train and develop people.”

The manger should Structure the experience so that employees are able to work on a challenging task.

Step 1: Give them a series of practice sessions.

Step 2: Let them shadow you on a new task and explain some of the key points.

Step 3: Give them a piece to do on their own with your supervision.

Step 4: Let them carry the full load when you sense that they are ready.

This approach will create a team of trusted associates who can step in and help when you are overwhelmed or out of the office. And, as an added bonus, you have also groomed your successors.

“After all, as the old saying goes:If you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted.“

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