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At Rostan Technologies, partnership is a program developed for every business who keen to work with us. Our business partners can be any from small to large company tech product seller to its user traditional resellers to new born-on-the-cloud companies solutions architects to deployment experts. Our dedicated partnership management team nurture relationships to drive efficiencies and predictable outcomes.

The Partnerships We Offer

Offshore Partner

At Rostan Technologies we welcome everyone local or international companies who are looking for an ideal deal of offshoring their IT services. Setting up an offshore partnership that allows you to have more investment opportunities. Doing business as an offshore company brings lots of advantages and quality to your business at low cost. Technology is our great passion and knowledge our is most valuable asset.

Referral Partner

At Rostan, we offer this program to those companies and Individuals who have a vibrant professional network and wish to forward hot leads to us. It’s not mandatory that you belong to the web industry to be our referral partner, you only need to provide us with references, and we will take care of the rest, and we offer you the percentage of the profit earned from those clients as commission.

Reseller Partner

Rostan Technologies reseller’s offer end-to-end solutions that can be fully deployed and continuously maintained for their clients. We offer fully managed solutions that take all the hassle out of development, deployment, maintenance, and billing. We offer a wide range of IT services and expertise to help their client’s IT staff with the advantages of combining data centers and cloud solutions.