Why is e-invoicing essential ?

  • E-invoicing is expected to do a lot more than bringing uniformity and standardization in the existing invoice ​management system.
  • Invoice data can be shared electronically from one software to another, and anyone can easily read the invoice data


There are several functional benefits of e-invoicing.

  • For starters, e-invoicing improves the turnaround time to avail of the input tax credit as it allows suppliers to ​ accept or reject transactions in real-time. ​
  • It also eliminates the need to manually file and repeatedly re-enter the same transaction details over and over. ​
  • Once a taxpayer electronically authenticates a tax invoice, the transaction data will be auto-populated while filing ​GST returns and e-way bills thereby reducing the possibility
  • Manual data entry errors
  • Reducing invoice reconciliation errors or disputes​
  • Avoiding duplication of data and eventually making filing of GST returns and generation of e-way bills seamless

“Improve payment cycles, reduce invoice processing cost and time by eliminating the requirement of delivering a physical invoice to the recipient.”​


Challenges​ with e-invoicing

  • Need time for understanding
  • Impact on business operations
  • Manual entry for tax invoice
  • Data sanitization and validation
  • Training for internal teams
  • Invoice schema updates
  • Segregation of B2B and B2C invoices
  • Cancel and amend e-invoices​
  • Storage of e-invoice data​
  • Issues with scalability
  • Invoice content formats
  • ERP integration and technology readiness​
  • Data reconciliation with GSTR-1 and e-way bill
  • More time spent on reconciliations


How GST Portal Integration API Solution help smooth E-Invoicing

The current system requires a taxpayer to carry multiple copies of an invoice for various purposes, and there are ​difficulties in sharing the invoice data due to non-standardised machine-to-machine communication, ​increasing invoice processing cost.

GST Portal Integration API Solution will help to manage Multiple E-invoice generation​

  • Provides integration with the ERP or accounting system of the taxpayers
  • Provides appropriate and flawless results with zero to minimize errors along with the GSP
  • API integration with GST portal is faster and gives quick response​
  • No need to signing up and generation API keys
  • Help in checking and generating multiple e-invoice at the same time​


Types of GST APIs Solution ROSTAN provides

  • ACL based PL/SQL Package solution
  • Node REST API solution 
  • OIC Integration solution 
  • Java Rest Full API base solution
  • GSP/ASP enrich API Integration
  •  GSTIN Direct API integration