Why is e-invoicing essential ?


There are several functional benefits of e-invoicing.

“Improve payment cycles, reduce invoice processing cost and time by eliminating the requirement of delivering a physical invoice to the recipient.”​


Challenges​ with e-invoicing


How GST Portal Integration API Solution help smooth E-Invoicing

The current system requires a taxpayer to carry multiple copies of an invoice for various purposes, and there are ​difficulties in sharing the invoice data due to non-standardised machine-to-machine communication, ​increasing invoice processing cost.

GST Portal Integration API Solution will help to manage Multiple E-invoice generation​


Types of GST APIs Solution ROSTAN provides

  • ACL based PL/SQL Package solution
  • Node REST API solution 
  • OIC Integration solution 
  • Java Rest Full API base solution
  • GSP/ASP enrich API Integration
  •  GSTIN Direct API integration