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Rostan Mobility for manufacturing units to prosper in business

Rostan Mobility for manufacturing units to prosper in business

     Implementation of Mobility in your manufacturing units eases the process of purchase order approvals, timesheets approval, and work orders. Store owners and field engineers are updated with proper information on the go. Having required information by shop owners is vital during the downtime of manufacturing units. Salesforce can be easily updated with information about customers, promotions and marketing materials on the go.
     Our Mobility Solutions for manufacturing can bring benefits to your manufacturing units by getting everybody on the same page. Manufacturing apps would certainly remove lengthy redundant paperwork and your business can stay incident-free & you can achieve operational efficiency and meet production targets
ROSTAN offers below Mobility solutions for manufacturing units:

  • Mobile CRM Systems for Order Management, Pricing and for Customer Engagement
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Maintenance
  • Communication between Logistics, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Department
  • Floor Supervision
  • Material Tracking
  • Mobility for Business Intelligence
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