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Mobility Solutions for Manufacturing Industries

Mobility Solutions for Manufacturing Industries

              With the widespread use of mobile devices and mobile applications in manufacturing companies mobility solutions help in increasing the quality of their processes, save the cost, effort and time.More than 70% of enterprises count mobility as a top priority to stay ahead of the competition and meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders.


What is the Scope of Mobility Solutions in Manufacturing ?

              Workforce Management and Mobility in your company can eliminate a need for paper forms to move work order information to and from the point where the work is being performed.


Asset Management and Tracking:

     Managers can avoid production disruptions with real-time equipment monitoring, maintenance alerts and automating requests for upgrades. This helps you keep better cost control and consistently keep your production line moving.


Logistics and Transportation:

      With factories and equipment in multiple locations, fleet management solutions manufacturers are able to monitor and track the movement of goods in transit, prevent theft and loss, and increase on-time delivery.


Warehouse Management :

       This simplifies and streamlines multiple functions in the warehouse such as receiving, put-away, picking, packing and shipping and improves operational efficiency and enables manufacturers to respond quickly to customer delivery requirements.


           Organizations are getting benefits of customization, return on investment and real-time data which mobile technology can easily offer. So, how about digitizing and transforming your organization. Is it mobile yet?


            With a large in-house development team, ROSTAN Technologies has the capabilities to design, develop and implement iOS & Android mobile applications that allows manufacturers to stay a step ahead of competition in this era of digitalization.


If you have a requirement for a business mobile application development, don’t wait any longer, contact us today or email us at and we will get back soon!!

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