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How do we enable project team to perform?

How do we enable project team to perform?

In any project the team leader monitor the progress rigorously to ensure that everyone is doing their tasks correctly and timely.For this you make a comprehensive plan, distribute the work amongst the team members and members complete their work according to schedule using the framework defined for them.


But What team leaders do if one of the team members does not do a work in correct manner and brings it to him?


Instead of telling team members to correct, team leader corrects it. As he thinks in his mind that this task needs to be completed fast and he feels that even if he tell, team will not do it correctly plus he do not have energy to train the team continuously.


This stops team to look for more effective ways to do a specific task and they are rather happy to do what has been told to them by their manager. So every time they have a problem, instead of thinking themselves they tend to come to manager and ask for solution. Manager happily gives the solution and team implements; in this process team stops learning and improving. More and more such team members in the team, the level of excellence the team can achieve comes down.


So how do we enable people to perform? Few simple things like

  • Build robust plan but leave some flexibility down the line for each of the team member to maneuver.
  •  Encourage team members to come out with improvements, show willing ness to change and set a few
    examples right in the beginning.
  • Do not micromanage
  •  Guide the team members to find solutions themselves rather than providing the solutions and be ready
    for allowing some time to the team members till they get the solution.
  • Lastly, believe in your team members to find solutions to complete the project on time and have
    patience with them.


[Above points are articulated in simple format from my previous manager Blog ]
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