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Employee Experience Platform

HR, Payroll and Talent Management for employee centric companies

Employee Managment

Nowaday's, more HR managers are relying on HCM to help them monitor, improve performance and encourage employees to aim for high productivity. ... HCM improves the HR processes and simplify the day-to-day activities.

Leave Managment

Leave Management encompasses the processes employees use to request time away from work and supervisors use to grant or deny leave based on organization policies. Complex, manually administered Leave Management programs are costly and often result in errors.

Tracking Work

Tracking software that aggregates data and generates graphs on a dashboard can be the fastest way to view and share project health. A project management dashboard is a data-driven, typically graphical representation, of a project's key performance metrics.

Attendance Management

Attendance management is a critical HR function and it is essential to plan attendance to have a control over employees' time to minimize employee downtime in the organization. A good attendance record in an organization is reflective of good employee work culture.

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