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Engineering and Technology Careers Trends in 2020

Engineering and Technology Careers Trends in 2020

“Forbes listed Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Security, Digital Twins, Blockchain, BOTS, Intelligent Apps, Cloud Implementation, Business Intelligence and Analysis, Mobile and Client Computing as the top  Digital Quality Trends In a Digital Era”


     Science and technology have brought remarkable changes that may have been unthinkable just a few years back; it is only natural that the careers in this domain keep evolving too. So, stay updated with the career trends and look at emerging career options in sciences that are highly promising in this modern age.


     To be able to adapt to the changing landscape, students should look for opportunities to enhance their skills and gain hands-on industry experience in booming industries like travel and healthcare which are going through a major revolution using digital technologies.


     Along with digital skills engineering and technology, students should also acquire additional skills that will help to succeed in the future Job roles

  • Analyzing information
  • Communicating – written and oral.
  • Understanding and leveraging technology
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity.


     Just remember that the modern world is the world of disruption. With each passing year, month or even day, we witness groundbreaking advancements and transformations. The most exciting aspect of this transformation of careers is that it is paving the way for alternate career paths, many of which didn’t even exist a few years back.


So take advantage of the changing trends and build your career in any of the emerging fields!

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