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DBA Services

Installation & Configuration

Our DBA experts not only do the installation for your system , but they also understand the requirement for your business need and accordingly do the configuration. A correct configuration can do wonders for your system to boost performance and availability.

Performance Improvement

You have bought a technology stack and designed for better results, but with time these systems get overburdened and you need to take care of those. Our consulting practices provide tailor made proactive and preventive support services for mission critical systems including configuration and performance reviews, to continuously maximize availability and improve performance.

System Infrastructure Implementation

With excellence in Software management, we also offer infrastructure implementation. Our experts will implement large scale implementations such as disaster, backup & recovery specifications, RAC, ASM, Load Balancing, Clustering, Failover, DMZ, Identity Manager and SSO, OEM, OBIEE Implementations.

Upgrades & Migration

You would need best of the Oracle experts to take care of your IT systems when migrating or upgrading to the higher version of the software. This is not an easy job when your production systems are at stake. Our DBA professionals come with vast experience in these genres and can own your project to ensure successful and timely delivery.

Architecture Planning, Sizing & Licensing

It is important to plan multi-tier Architectures based on the Technologies to be used, User Connection, Data Storage Size. The Server Instance Strategy for Production, Development, QA, Test, Standby Instances also needs to be well planned to meet business requirements. Our experts can advise on Software Licensing and Server cum Instance Strategy so that the Budgeted Software Investments are well utilized.

System Review & Implementation of Best Practices

Our experts study the practices currently in place for your Applications and suggest appropriate Strategies to ensure good performance, safety and availability of the Applications. This includes designing of the Backup Strategy, Security Strategy, Capacity Planning and Performance Stabilization of Application Components.