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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the hottest technology trends that has invaded the business scenario in the recent years. The technology empowers computers to replicate human intelligence in a reliable manner. For this reason, it opens new frontiers for businesses as they can take the advantage of AI-powered applications to automate their business processes and operations to drive growth and efficiency.
Our expertise extends to the entire range of AI technologies including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and more.
We design powerful solutions that integrate seamlessly with the client’s business model and fuel its growth in every way.

Machine Learning Services

◆ Custom ML Solutions: We will help our client to understand business value of the data available and can provide custom solution to different requirements.

◆ Provide Expertise in Supervised and Un-Supervised machine learning models. Every Dataset is different and should be treated differently.

◆ Offer Machine Learning models on top of Hadoop framework/ Spark using Scala/Python using Spark ML libraries.

◆ Provide End-to-end solution starting from Data Lake to Evaluation of Machine Learning Models

◆ Our team can help our client to implement Deep Learning solutions in production, offers Expertise in implementing Artificial Neural Network, Convolutional Neural Network, LSTM and Recurrent Neural Network. Custom solutions to run Deep Learning models on cloud with GPUs.

◆ Image Processing: Image processing using Convolutional Neural Network is our strength. Face Recognition using CNN, Object Recognition etc.

◆ Provide custom solution on Natural Language processing including Name Entity recognition, Sentimental Analysis, Comprehension analysis.

Machine Learning Offerings

Computer vision

Help in implementing Face/Eye/Object Recognition, Canny edges detection, Picture Manipulation prior to use.

Anomaly Detection

Ready made solution to find Anomaly detection using different machine learning models (Classification as well Regression) on Multi Variate datasets.

More Like This

Ready-made solutions to find similar records selected by user on the multivariate datasets using Unsupervised Machine Learning models like PCA and clustering.

Feature Extraction & Tree Visualization

Ready made solutions to find important features and provide Tree Visualization of feature importance which help business to identify important feature.